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Deux Montille Auxey-Duresses 2009

Deux Montille Auxey-Duresses 2009
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Tasting Notes

Moderate sulfur compromised mildly the otherwise intense and pungent nose of Auxey-style earthy green fruit and citrus rind aromas. There is fine richness to the round, intense and nicely voluminous flavors that brim with dry extract on the mouth coating finish. As one would reasonably expect the name, there is not much finesse here but plenty of character.

The Vintage

The 2009 vintage was born in the mild with a mild spring and a relatively hot summer in June and July even if rains came to disturb the end of July and part of August. 

The window of the picking was relatively narrow, it was necessary to harvest quickly (over a period of 13 days) and early (from September 7th to 18th), as well in coast of Beaune as in Côte Chalonnaise, in order to avoid the falls acidity. The importance of the harvest date was crucial indeed, when we like to make wines on the register of freshness, favor the minerality on the gourmet side. This vintage has the profile of good years for giving healthy grapes and walls.

The 2009 white wines will be rich and flattering enough to indulge early, to be enjoyed within 5 years. At the tasting, the balance of the wine remains, thanks to its aromas of ripe fruits that finish with fresh notes, floral noses, taut mouths.



  • Item #: 530160
  • Container Size: 750 ml
  • Pack Size: 12
  • Supplier: Avant Par-Tir

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